Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's been a busy October but it is over!

So on top of the regular work activity, I have been trying to put together an active security meetup here in the great state of Connecticut.  Doing that and helping the wife put together our annual Halloween party, has certainly sucked away some vital blog writing time.  But the holiday is over and the next couple are usually pretty tame so back to the keyboard!

So like I said, I have been working on getting some of the security pros in the state out of their corporate offices and into the laid back setting of a meetup.  We had one decent meetup so far and I am planning on finishing out the year with at least 2 more.  I will also be moving many of my security related posts over to the new meetup site -  Along with the main site, we have a meetup group too.  So if you are in the CT area and you want to share your experience with others, feel free to check us out.  We meet once a month, currently at NESIT Hackerspace in Meriden.  We try to have a couple people do short presentations on topics of interest that vary from the typical hackery of pen testing, to defensive strategies as well.  You can also follow us on Twitter @NutmegInfoSec.

So that is all for now, I should have something techie up in a couple days, going to do a short write up on the Ubiquity UniFi Access Point and if you head over to NutmegInfoSec, there will be a brief post about building your own Tor router using a Raspberry Pi.


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